La Oliva restaurant

Time for changes

It’s time for changes at La Oliva. If you have visited us recently you would have seen we changed our terrace tables and chairs.

On this occasion we have decided for central steel leg tables in matt gray and olive wood boards. It was specially made for us, varnished on our own to give them that final touch that we wanted.

For the chairs we chose the reissue of the historical and traditional Filoline chairs (whose initial name was even simpler: they were baptized by Metalmobil as the ‘001’). This chair model first came out in 1956 and you can still get some of those originals in cafes in Venice or Rome.

These are chairs finished by hand, with the wire stricktly hand-woven by experts operators and no machinery involve, giving each of them a particular finish.

To complete this bet, we are creating our own tablecloth with a canvas (in green, a color that characterizes us and we have always maintained), which we will also use in a variant with colorful stripes for outdoor cushions and aprons for our staff. The tables and chairs arrived before the cloth, so we could not resist incorporating them (we really wanted the change!). But now the scrolls have finally arrived and we’re off to work!

In addition, and as we anticipated in our beginning, it’s a season of changes, so the furniture and the terrace tablecloth is just the beginning. Little by little we will tell more things. We hope you like it all!


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